Luxury Shaving Cream & Beard Wash for Men

Hunter 1114 is a modern men’s line composed of all the bare necessities a man needs to inspire elegance in everyday life. A compact and versatile line; with a mixology menu that provides endless cocktailing possibilities to be the man you want to be, day in day out.

If you are looking for a thoughtfully curated collection of grooming must-haves to free yourself and fuel to the next best level, then you are eyeing the right range. Come, create your own story, your own signature statement.


Luxury Shaving Cream & Beard Wash for Men

Hunter 1114 Gold Reserve Luxury Shaving Cream & Beard Wash for Men, 250 ml

A smooth, clean shave is the mark of a stylish man. Indulge your senses and treat your skin with our 24k gold luxury shave cream. Gold Reserve delivers anti aging benefits to help you look beer longer.

* Smooth application, moisturizes skin, does not clog pores, prevents irritation, leaves skin feeling cool and refreshed

Moisten skin, apply desired amount onto designated area, shave and wipe clean. For optimal results, pre soen the hair with a hot towel.


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